Thank you to everyone who contributed to such an amazing event this weekend! Downtown Sparks played host to more than 5,000 people, enjoying good family time. And a heckuva lot of pumpkins! Please join us in thanking the sponsors who made this all possible!

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And a big congratulations to all of our contest winners! 

Pumpkin Derby Winners
First Place: Brooke Cobb
Second Place: Andi Burgess
Third Place: Hunter Gorden

Mummy Wrapping (3 person teams)
Luke, Jacob & Jake Pratt
J.R., J.C. & K.C. DelaRosa
Gabriel Hale & Team
Jade Unrowe & Team

Pumpkin Seed Spitting Winners
Jacob Dunning
J.C. DelaRosa
Jay Griffith

Balloon Races Winners
Luke Pratt
Maegan Minetto

Pumpkin Pie Eating Winners
Dakota Odegaard
John Sweeney
Preston Hale
Anthony Martinez